Resident Committees

Homeowners Deserve:

  • Responsive and timely answers to all inquiries.
  • Honest, fair, and respectful treatment by committee members.
  • Regular, open, and well-publicized meetings.
  • An impartial and transparent decision making process for the submission of recommendations to the Board.
  • Communications on the committees’ activities.
  • The ability to provide proposals for consideration by the committee.
  • A forum that allows for comment regarding any proposal impacting the community.

Homeowners Have the Responsibility to:

  • Provide adequate information on any proposals in order for committees to make informed decisions.
  • Take into account their neighbors’ opinions on any proposals they submit for consideration by the committee.
  • Read the committee charter and other governing documents of the associations.
  • Treat committee members with honesty and respect.
  • Attend meetings in which their proposals are being addressed.

Committee Members Should:

  • Strive at all times to serve the best interests of the community as a whole, regardless of personal interests.
  • Use sound judgement to make the best possible business decision for the community, taking into consideration all available information, circumstances and resources.
  • Act within the boundaries of their authority as defined by the charter, the governing documents, and other federal, state, and county regulations that may apply.
  • Accept and uphold all recommendations of the committee that were duly adopted—even if the member held a contrary view.
  • Perform their duties without bias for or against any sub-community, group of  residents or individual.
  • Not misrepresent known facts in any issue impacting matters before the committee.
  • Disclose personal or professional relationships with any company or individual whose performance is subject to oversight by the committee.



The responsibility of the Communications Committee is to help the information flow within the community. Whether it is communication from CAMP, from the Board, or from other committees, the Communications committee intends to push out relevant updates, trying to reach as many homeowners and residents as possible. This committee evaluates communication mechanisms including website development, the CAMP website integration, email, Facebook Page, and also explore other options, such as Twitter. We are also looking at the various types of communication required, such as emergency updates, social committee updates, updates from the Board of Directors or Management company.

Tom Ward

Board Liaison to Communication’s Committee, Communications


The responsibility of the Covenants Committee is to advise and assist the Board of Directors in monitoring and enforcing compliance by owners and residents with the Association Governing Documents. This includes reviews of designs and applications, and identifying covenants violations. This committee promotes homeowner property values across the community through consistent application of guidelines.

Andy Macleod

Committee Chair, Covenants


The responsibility of the Facilities Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in managing the facilities across the community, to include selection and oversight of the pool management contractor, establishing a swim team and seasonal activities related to this team, maintenance and operation of the tennis courts, basketball courts, gym facilities, and clubhouses.


Committee Chair, Facilities Committee


The responsibility of the Finance Committee is to understand the association finances and to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling the Board’s financial management oversight responsibilities. This committee provides the board with recommendations to manage financial assets and evaluate financial controls and account methods and regularly review month-ending and year-ending financial statements, and provide a recommended annual operating budget to the Board. Finally, the Finance Committee reviews community reserve levels and investment strategies to make recommendations to the Board to ensure money is allocated efficiently. 

Barbara Labuskes

Committee Chair, Finance

Open Space

The responsibility of the Open Space Committee is to advise and assist the Board of Directors by making recommendations for enhancements to the existing common area and to propose solutions to open space and environmental problems and issues identified by staff, homeowners, residents, and Board of Directors. This committee develops multi-year plans for facility and grounds maintenance and enhancements. The Open Space Committee encourages and establishes programs for volunteer activities, which would provide enjoyment and education to residents to improve the quality of the Dulles Farm grounds common areas. Visit the Open Space Committee page to keep up with the latest news.

Craig Fletcher

Committee Chair, Open Space


The responsibility of the Social Committee is to provide recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding community events and activities. This committee also plans, schedules, and manages special events. The committee hosts a number of events each year, such as Spring Fling, Family Pool Party, Fall Fest, Winter Blast, and Bingo.

Mikki Ward

Committee Chair, Social